How to Increase your Pubg upto 240 FPS with simple settings

How to Increase your Pubg upto 240 FPS with simple settings

Pubg is a First person online shooting game. It means the game must qualify these basic two things.

First, it must have High-End Graphics so the user can feel the game and live in it.

Second and MOST Important:

It must not lag, which means the data uploaded on PUBG server, processing of your data and getting data back to your system must be so small that you don’t see your player dancing in the game while others are enjoying the game.

These two demands are quite the opposite and they exist from the beginning of Online Shooting Games. The higher the data, the larger the time it requires to get processed.

FPS (Frames per Second) is the actual data that we send, process and receive in the game.

All the movies we see are shot normally on 24FPS. For Games, the minimum FPS to completely enjoy any game is around 100 FPS. If we go higher than it will indulge us more in the game and give us more reacting time over our competitors. So it may give us a little edge from other players.

After playing pubg for quite a long time, we have found a way to Increase your pubg upto 240 FPS with simple settings and not losing much of the game’s charm.

PUBG Graphics Settings:

Smoothed Frame Rate:Off
Screen Scale:100
Anti-AliasingHigh / Ultra
Post-Processing:Very Low
Shadows:Very Low
EffectsVery Low
FoliageVery Low
View Distance:Very Low
Motion Blur:Off
Display Mode:Fullscreen or FullScreen Windowed
Resolution:1920×1080 (monitor native resolution)
FPP Camera FOV:90-100
Lobby FPS Limit:60
In-Game FPS Limit:Unlimited

Gameplay / UI:

Inventory screen character render:Off
Death Cam:Disabled

Explaining All PUBG Setting for FPS Optimization:

Smoothed Frame Rate:

This setting helps to smoothen the game. If games FPS drops quickly. This is an obsolete setting in modern computers because now these settings are handled by Machine’s Graphic Card and Monitor. They automatically smooth the Frame Rate. Now we don’t need to do that via Software.

If you have a very low-end PC, you can turn this On to smooth your game. Be ready to take a huge lag while doing this because now you are forcing the software to do extra rendering to smoothen your game.

Screen Scale:

We are going with the default setting of the Screen Scale (100). The reason why we are using the default value is that increasing the screen scale actually force your game to render at a higher quality. Like if you have a 1080p Monitor and you have to increase your Value above 100. It actually means you want a better quality while your monitor only supports up to 1080p.

PUBG will do that for you, but it will increase the rendering rate and hence damaging your Game.

In Low-end PC’s, it will increase the game graphics but you have to choose between better graphics or better gameplay.

We prefer better gameplay BTW.


Anti-Aliasing is a setting that makes your Objects Blurry or sharp. So if you want to feel a sharp edge game experience make it to Ultra/High but if you want less information to process and still even can spot the enemies you can drop down this setting to low.

Most Pro players use Anti-Aliasing Setting Low. The reason is using low Anti-Aliasing requires less brain work so they can focus more on enemies.

For us, we use Anti-Aliasing Ultra/High because this setting doesn’t impact much in-game FPS and improves the quality of the Game Play. If you move this to Low it reduces the game quality so you might start losing the interest in this game.


Post processing, in simple words, means the processing of each received frame and render in a way to look as smooth as possible, so by increasing post-processing, it means you have now better-edged high-density graphics.

Now your computer has to smooth each received
frame, which means more work for your Graphic card and a drop in your FPS.

After trying and analyzing different setting, we came to the conclusion that it should be low. The advantage of increasing the value is way small than the loss we bare to increase its value.


In a Highly Competitive game, the effects of shadows are very small. “Very Low” actually starts blocking the shadow in the game hence you have fewer data to process. Fewer data leads to increasing your FPS.


Textures are all you need to identify your Enemy. Differentiate your Enemy from different Objects. So keep Texture to “High”. If there is only one setting available we can, we will increase to “High” texture for that.


Effects are special Effects used in the game to improve its reality look-alike image like bomb blasts, Blood, Smoke Effects. These Effects are the things which we can’t control and have nearly no impact on the game. Rather these special effects start damaging our game by extra burdening our Graphic Card/GPC.

So keep Effects to “Very Low” to keep playing a smooth Game.


Foliage as the name suggests control plants, trees, and bushes settings.

Keep this “Very Low” as by this way you can spot your enemy behind the bushes easily.

Remember most players have set Foliage to  Very low, so you may get spotted easily even if you are hiding behind bushes too.

View Distance:

View Distance is the distance you can view clearly in the game. It mostly includes infrastructure (Buildings, Bunkers etc). The higher you set the farther you can see a clear image of the building.

Setting it higher means you have to render more.

We select “Very Low” because this is a mostly a close combat game and you may not need to give attention to long distance players. This setting also doesn’t affect the wide open terrains like forest, grass, and bushes so its good to set it “Very Low” and save your bandwidth and enhance your Gameplay Experience.


V-Sync is basically a setting to Sync your Monitor with the game’s frame rate. This looks great when your monitor refresh rate is way above the games’ frame rate.

Turning V-Sync on is not a wise thing to do. Because now your computer is forced to Sync up with the game and mostly you end up with screen tearing problem.

So just Turn V-Sync “Off” and don’t dictate your Monitor to sync up with the game.

This alone setting, when off, will increase your FPS alot.

FPP Camera FOV:

FPP Camera FOV stands for “First Person Prespective Camera Field of Vision”.

This setting determines how wide you can see in your frame. The wider you can see, the wider you can spot your Enemies.

Most Pro Players use this setting between 90-100.

Motion Blur:

Motion Blur is a blur you can add intentionally when you are moving and turning.

It gives cool blurness but consumes more resources and didn’t add any value to the game.

By default Motion Blur is disabled and we keep it disabled too.


Sharpen as the name suggests sharp the boundaries of the objects. This setting helps yo distinguish different objects easily.

By default Sharpen is turned On and we keep it that way.

Steam Launch Option:

Some Players might be playing this game on Steam so we have to optimize steam too.

Open Steam

  1. Right-click PUBG in steam library
  2. Select Properties
  3. In the General tab
  • Un-Check “Enable Steam Overlay while in-game”
  1. Select Setting Now:
  2. In Web Browser
  • Delete Web Browser Cache
  • Delete All Browser Cookies

There is still a Setting on different Blogs Which says

(In pubg steam library) Set Launch Option: -malloc=system -USEALLAVAILABLECORES

You don’t have to do this setting now because due to the recent patch by Pubg Devs, these settings cannot be used to optimize the game or in other words, we can say that they have optimized the game for this setting.

Cleaning Up your PC:

First things first, You have to clean up your house before you go deep down in PUBG settings.

Here are 4 steps you have to Follow

High Performance:

Our Computer, particularly Laptops are designed in a way to optimize its battery timing while sacrificing its full potential. So when you are playing games, its main purpose is to restrict you from using full resources hence lowering down your game performance.

Make sure when you play games you have to Select “High Performance” mode instead of its default ”Balanced mode”.

This way you are telling your computer that use your full performance regardless of thinking about the number of resources you consume for obtaining your maximum performance.

Remember!, these “High Performance” settings may consume more battery or damage your battery performance if you use them quite often.

Windows 10:

Copy this address and paste it in your windows address bar. Press Enter.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64

Now right click a file Called  “TslGame.exe

Now select Properties

Open Compatibility Tab  

Check (disable) “override high DPI scaling behavior

Select “Application” from the drop-down menu.

Disable “Full-screen optimization”

Now go to Windows 10 Settings (Win+I)

Select Gaming

From sidebar select – Game DVR

Set all sides to Off. Don’t record anything (Audio or Video).

Delete Crash report files

You can Delete Crash Files by two ways.

Copy the following path(Code). Go to your file address bar. Paste the following line and press Enter.


Select all files. Remove all files.

Or You Can do it with Run Command:

Press Windows logo Key(windows-logo-img) with “R” Key. These keys must be pressed together to open Run Command Open.

Now in Run Command Windows Type: %localappdata%\AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Crashes

This will open the same location as above. Select all the files and Remove All files.

Crash Reports are just like extra luggage which you hold while hiking a Mountain. They have no effect in the game but still, you carry them.

The main purpose of these Crash Reports is telling Server that you have faced these issues so they may be aware of them. These reports are good when you are reporting an issue so they solve this problem. But with these reports carrying every time makes no sense. So Delete them, after you report the server for one time.

Delete loading screen video:

Go to your file address bar. Paste the following path and press Enter.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\PUBG\TslGame\Content\Movies

Remove or rename LoadingScreen_Xbox.mp4

By removing these files we are making sure that no extra file is loaded while we are playing the game. These files are just loading files and have no impact when we start playing the game.

Cleaning The Rest:

Following are the things you have to do to clean up your PC.

  1. Close all unused Programs
  2. Clean your Computer Registry and unused/temporaryfiles (CCleaner will do that for you)
  3. Update your Graphics Card Driver
  4. Disable Paging
  5. Use Cable instead of Wifi
  6. Install Game on SSD

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