How to turn on digital vibrance in nvidia control panel

How to turn on digital vibrance in nvidia control panel

Do you find it difficult to spot enemies quickly in open fields?

Is it hard for you to spot enemies in open fields?

Are you playing PUBG on PC and have an Nvidia Card on it?

If yes, then we have good news for you and the good news is digital vibrance setting in Nvidia Control Panel.

Let’s break it down to learn more about this setting.

What is Digital Vibrance and how it Works

Digital Vibrance is a Nvidia custom setting that lets the color “pop-out” on the screen. So by doing that you can now distinguish between two different objects having the nearly same color.

For Example: if a player is hiding inside a field and has a camouflaged shirt. It would be really hard for you to spot the enemy and knock him out. So he has a better advantage in hiding inside the field and gets a kill. By doing this setting in your Nvidia control panel, all the colors will pop out on your screen and now you can easily distinguish player and field color. Now you have a better advantage of knocking him down in the field.

All top players including Shroud and Dr-Disrespect use these settings to spot the enemy.

How to Turn on Digital vibrance in Nvidia Card:

Following are the step by step guide to turn on this setting and rock your PUBG Game.

1)      Right-click anywhere on the desktop of your computer.

2)      Click Nvidia Control Panel

3)      On the right side of settings, click the plus button of Display option

4)      Click Adjust Display Settings

Now leave the first two settings as it is. Click on the third option which says “Apply the following Enhancements”.

Under this setting, you will get a digital vibrance slide bar. By default, this slide bar is set to 50%. But in our case, you have to increase it to 70% for better Results (70% is a standard-setting used by pro players but you can adjust it according to your own needs as display settings are more likely to be a subjective matter).

NVIDA Control Panel Screenshot for Digital Vibrance setting

After applying this, your digital vibrance is done and you are now ready to take advantage of PUBG PC gameplay.

Reshape Software Effects:

There is another display software called Reshape. Using Reshape, you can enhance saturation and sharpness while losing a very little FPS.

But it is still not the replacement of Nvidia display settings at all as PBUG officially block this software and start banning all users who are using this software. So if you are still using Reshape, we highly recommend you to just uninstall Reshape software.

Final Thoughts:

Please note that these settings are general display settings for your PC. So if you are not playing PUBG you still have these settings on and these settings may disturb your regular user experience of Windows. So it’s better to reset that setting when you are not playing PUBG.