How to change name and Appearance in PUBG

How to change name and Appearance in PUBG

There are very few chances in the real world you can name yourself. Gaming is one of them. Mostly your gaming name is different from your real-world name and PUBG has no excuse in that.

Professional Players mostly never use their original names in the game.

Like, Michael Grzesiek aka Shroud.

By the way, if you want to check out shroud’s pubg setting.

This gaming name identifies your gaming style and defines your core attributes in your gaming personality, so basically it adds additional sentimental value for you in the game.

It is the same name you are going to use while Playing all games Online and Offline.

Now the Question is:

Why do you Want to change your PUBG Mobile Name?

  1. Special Affiliation with your Gaming Name
  2. It is going to be the same name your Friends call you inside the game
  3. Its the same name game will displays when you kill someone
  4. This name is used to identify you inside the game
  5. The same name will be displayed in LeaderBoard

Now, what if you, by mistake, set your original name or some random name in game?

And on top of that, you set a wrong appearance too?

Obviously, you want to change that name and PUBG Mobile has no Exception to that.

How Can we Change our Name In PUBG Mobile?

In the initial days of PUBG, Tencent didn’t allow users to change the name. But now you can.

The main thing you need to change the name is called “Rename Card”. It is a special card you can use to change the name whenever you want.

Remember you can use only one Card a Day which means you can only rename once a Day.

Now the Question is,

How to get the Rename Card?

There are exactly Two ways you can have a Rename Card.


The Easiest and simplest way to get a Rename Card is By purchasing it form Shop. Go to Shop -> Treasures. Select Rename Card and Purchase. It Cost you Round 180UC.

UC can be earned while playing the game but If you don’t have 180UC you can get them for Round 5 Bucks (USD 5).

Play Missions:

You can also get Rename Card if you have Friends in PUBG. Complete level 3 mission by Adding your friends in PUBG. You can also send random friends requests to different Players and most probably few of them will add you back.

If you want to earn a Rename Card. Complete missions Up to level 10. When you reach Level 10, Go to your missions tab and collect your Card.

These missions are really simple tasks and designed in a way to know the basics of the game.

How to Use Rename Card?

Once you have acquired a Rename Card then,

  1. Select Inventory
  2. Select the crate icon(box) from the bottom of the right side
  3. Tap the Rename card (on Card you can See a word written “ID”)
  4. Now Rename yourself with your Favourite Name
  5. Tap OK

Note: There might be a chance that your name might be taken by someone else(if it’s not unique enough). You can Place number or symbols in your name to make it unique.

BP(can’t be brought -gold symbol) and UC(dollars symbol)

How to Change Appearance in PUBG

There are many reasons when you want to switch the Appearance of your Character. Maybe you want a gender change, A new haircut or a new facial change.

PUBG provides you with an amazing feature to change them all with an Exchange of BP.
BP is a currency you use to purchase these items inside the game. You can Earn BP while playing games. So if you play for a few days, you can have enough BP to change the Appearance of your Character.

Following are the steps required to change:

  1. Select Inventory from the bottom menu
  2. Now select the third leftmost icon called “Appearance”
  3. Now You can Change the Gender, hairstyle or Facial Expression

Each Change requires different BP Trade. Here are the details

For Men, You can also set their Beard. There are different Beard styles and the price is between 500-1000 depending upon your Selection.

AppearanceBP Value
Gender1000 BP Coins
Face500-1000 BP (depending upon your choice)Some Faces are locked, you can earn them while playing those special Missions
Hairs500-1000 BP (depending upon your choice)Some Faces are locked, you can earn them while playing those special Missions

What’s not a part of Changing Appearance:

Change Appearance means they only change the main Character of the game. Changing Appearance doesn’t means changing Cloths, hats, masks, shoes etc. Mostly these are the items you can unlock while playing the game for free. There are also some Exclusive Items too which you can buy directly to unlock them.

If you want these changes too you can buy them separately inside the inventory.